Welding work for aluminium

We will carry out various welding work for your aluminium workpieces. Thanks to our new plasma welding machine, we are now also able to offer this service as part of our extensive service portfolio. Of course, you will receive welding work in the high quality you are used to from us.

When welding aluminium, you have to observe a few very important things in order to achieve a good welding result. For example, aluminium can be welded at 660 °C. In contrast, steel requires a temperature of approx. 1500 °C. Moreover, oxide layers are likely to form when welding aluminium. This must be prevented. The welding temperature of such oxide layers is 2040 °C which is why these layers would have to be ground off in a complex procedure.

Plasma welding for precise welding results

For our welding work, we use plasma welding, which is also called plasma metal inert gas welding (MIG). The heat source for this process is a plasma jet which is heated up by an arc. The plasma jet consists of a conductive gas, usually a mixture of argon and helium or argon and hydrogen. The plasma is formed into an almost cylindrical gas column by a water-cooled copper nozzle. This is why the energy concentration is higher for plasma welding than for TIG welding, enabling a faster welding process.

Because the plasma arc also burns steadily even in case of low current strengths, this process is also used for micro welding. This is why we are even able to weld plates with a thickness of only 0.1 mm.

We will ensure that your welding project will be realised professionally and to your full satisfaction. We are happy that you entrust us with your welding work.

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