High-quality aluminium products from Germany

Due to its excellent properties, aluminium can be used in almost all application fields. Thanks to the high surface hardness and the excellent corrosion protection, aluminium is resistant to environmental influences. And on top of that, it offers a decorative look. This is why aluminium is ideal for use indoors and outdoors.

Anodised aluminium plates and components

We specialise in the production and anodisation of aluminium plates and components. Thanks to our extensive know-how and long-term experience, we are able to meet any requirements. Our customers in the individual industrial sectors, such as automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, consumer electronics, laboratory technology and furniture industry, value our high quality standard and the individual service we provide.

The anodised aluminium plates offered by us can be processed with a laser and they are available in nine colours. You can choose between a matt or glossy surface for your plates. Of course, we also anodise large and small parts for you, in the excellent quality.

Chromate conversion coating without chromium trioxide

In addition to anodising, we also offer chromate conversion coating using Li-chromium. In doing so, we make sure that the material is free from chromium trioxide in accordance with the RoHS directive. This way, you will get a reliable and high-quality product.

Aluminium plates with stainless steel look

Our aluminium plates with stainless steel look are specially rolled (Butler finish) and anodised aluminium plates. They have a specific surface finish which looks like a polished stainless steel surface.

Of course, we also cut your plates into any required format. Just tell us which measurements you need and we will deliver your blanks in next to no time.

Li-chromium 100

Li-chromium 100 is applied to the rear side of our aluminium plates as an alternative to coatings containing chromium trioxide. The front sides can be anodised in different colours. We are also happy to coat blanks and components provided by you.

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LIAL aluminium cleanser

To clean aluminium materials supplied by us, you should only use the recommended cleanser. We do not assume liability for other products.

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Note on ordering

For economical reasons, we are not able accept orders below a minimum value of € 100 (+VAT).

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