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Our high-quality aluminium products are not only popular with German customers. Customers in other countries of the European Union value our service, as well. For example: our anodised or chromate conversion coated aluminium plates and components are very popular in Poland, Sweden, Italy and Finland.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of aluminium processing, we are able to offer our customers the individual completion of their orders. In doing so, quality and environment protection are always an important part of our work.

In order to provide professional support to our customers abroad, we are working with qualified partners in the respective countries, who represent our company there. Our partners offer professional first-hand service and support for all issues regarding aluminium processing, the anodising treatment, and the chromate conversion coating.

Because Lial is always looking for way to expand its business, we are happy if you want to enjoy international success by representing our company in your country.

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We are looking for a respresentation in Italy

We are currently looking for a representative in Italy. Are you interested? Please contact us!

Just fill in the form or call us at +49 (0)2662 - 36 35 or send an e-mail to: info@lial.de

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Note on ordering

For economical reasons, we are not able accept orders below a minimum value of € 100 (+VAT).

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We are looking for a reliable representation in Italy.

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