Job order production completes the service range of Lial

In addition to our main services anodising and chromate conversion coating, we also offer a number of job order production services for aluminium plates and parts. In late 2012, we decided to expand our machinery in order to be able to offer a better and larger service portfolio.

We are now offering milling, welding and bending work using a mechanical jaw, milling machine, a plasma welding machine and a sheet metal bender. This way, our customers can choose from a wide range of services regarding aluminium processing, enabling to save time when procuring materials.

Lial offers full service for job order production in the field of aluminium processing

One of the job order production services offered by us is milling work. This way, we are not only able to cut your parts and plates to size, but also to process them in the third dimension. Moreover, we can add precise drill holes and cut-outs to your aluminium parts.

For our welding work, we use a plasma welding machine. This enables us to weld aluminium sheets with very low thicknesses. It goes without saying that our employees know the special requirements which have to be observed when welding aluminium.

The third job order production service we offer is bending work. Using our sheet metal bender, we can bend your aluminium sheets to the required shape.

Surface finishing completes our offer

Lial has more than 30 years of experience in the field of aluminium processing. We will anodise your aluminium plates and parts with 9 different dyes, providing optimum corrosion protection. Moreover, we use Li-chromium 100 for chromate conversion coating, which is free from chromium trioxide in compliance with the RoHS standard.

With us, your job order production order is in good and experienced hands. Please contact us to discuss your aluminium project with us.

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