Surface treatment of aluminium plates

LIAL Managament Team
LIAL Managament Team

For more than 30 years, Lial has been standing for high-quality aluminium processing. With a specialisation in the production and anodisation of aluminium plates and components, we were able to acquire an extensive know-how over the years. Therefore, we can also meet the most unusual and complicated requirements. For our customers, we process the surfaces of aluminium plates, placing a high value on environmental sustainability and efficiency.

Professional anodisation of aluminium plates and components

We offer the sealed or unsealed anodisation of aluminium plates. In doing so, it is possible to choose from nine different dyes. After the anodisation, the aluminium plates can be used for laser engraving, screen printing, anodised printing and much more.

With anodised aluminium, it is possible to realise virtually any idea. From key chains up to products for automotive engineering or laboratory technology, we supply our customers with high-quality aluminium products. Our products are characterised by easy further processing, a long service life and excellent corrosion protection.

Li-chromate conversion coating in accordance with the RoHS directive

Small parts
Small parts
Chromate conversion coating
Chromate conversion coating

As an alternative to coatings containing chromium trioxide, we offer a special chromate conversion coating process using Li-chromium which complies with the RoHS directive. We also use this process to treat the surface of aluminium components.

A reliable partner, also in the field of production engineering

In addition to the surface treatment of aluminium, we are also able to carry out milling, welding and trimming work for our customers. This enables us to deliver finished parts which do not require any further processing so that our customers can install them directly.

Lial Aluminiumverarbeitung is your professional and reliable partner when it comes to the surface treatment of aluminium. Convince yourself of our high-quality work or contact us if you need further information on our aluminium products.

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Li-chromium 100

New product

Li-chromium 100 is applied to the rear side of our aluminium plates as an alternative to coatings containing chromium trioxide. The front sides can be anodised in different colours. We are also happy to coat blanks and components provided by you.

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