Li-chromium 100: chromate conversion coating of aluminium components

Chromate conversion coating is the generic term for a number of surface treatment methods. In doing so, chromates are formed on the metallic surface due to the use of chromic acid. During the process, the basis material (in this case: aluminium) is etched and the metal ions are integrated into the chromate layer. This chromate layer is a so-called passivation layer - an inorganic, non-metallic protective layer.

Li-chromium is free from chromium trioxide

Before we apply the chromate conversion coating to the parts provided by you, we will degrease and pickle the parts in order to ensure an even surface. Of course, we are using Li-chromium 100 for the coating of the parts. Because it is free from chromium trioxide, we can ensure that the requirements of the RoHS directive are met.

The RoHS directive prohibits the use of coatings containing chromium trioxide in application field such as automotive engineering because this chemical compound is very hazardous to health. Li-chromium 100 is an innovative coating and a high-quality alternative to coatings containing chromium trioxide. This way, we were able to complete our range of surface treatments and to offer you an even better service.

Conductive corrosion protection for your aluminium parts

With the help of the chromate conversion coating offered by us, your workpieces receive optimum corrosion protection which also acts as a primer for powder coatings, paint, adhesives and lacquers. In addition to that, the layer is conductive.

If you want to know more about the surface treatment using Li-chromium 100, our experienced team is happy to answer your questions.

Chromate conversion coated components
Chromate conversion coating of components
Chromate conversion coating
Chromate conversion coating at Lial
Lial - chromate conversion coating
Chromate conversion coated aluminium components

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For economical reasons, we are not able accept orders below a minimum value of € 100 (+VAT).

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