Black anodising of plates, parts and customer-supplied materials

Aluminium plates and parts anodised using a black dye are an eye catcher and are suitable for a large number of applications. Due to the excellent properties of aluminium, anodised aluminium plates can be used by the industry as well as for private purposes. Whether bicycle frame, cladding for furniture or other items - aluminium is resistant and highly resilient.

Aluminium plates anodised black - quality by Lial

If you need aluminium parts anodised black, we are a professional contact partner for you. We offer complete plates and parts anodised black. We also process materials and parts provided by you. Besides black dye, we also offer eight additional dyes with a glossy or matt anodised surface.

All aluminium plates supplied by Lial can be subsequently engraved using a laser. Moreover, our materials are suitable for screen printing and anodised printing.

Black anodisation - the decorative look is not the only benefit

During anodisation, the anodised layer is not just loosely applied to the aluminium: the surface of the aluminium is completely transformed into aluminium oxide during the electrolytic oxidation. This process ensures that the aluminium is resistant to corrosion, and that it becomes harder and more resilient.

The possibility of dyeing the anodised layer is another benefit of this process. If you anodise your aluminium parts black or in other colours, the surfaces will receive a decorative and modern look. Aluminium parts processed this way offer a large number of application possibilities for the industry and private use.

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