Anodised small parts

As a professional partner with many years of experience in the field of surface treatment of aluminium, we can offer our customers the anodisation of small aluminium parts. During this process, we create evenly coloured surfaces which ensure a permanent corrosion protection of the aluminium.

Corrosion protection and decorative look for your aluminium parts

The anodising method, which is also called oxidation, is an electrochemical process during which the surface of the aluminium workpiece is converted into aluminium oxide. The oxide layer developed during this process is permanently connected to the aluminium. The benefit of an anodised layer is the permanent protection of the aluminium against environmental influences and corrosion. Moreover, anodised parts are easier to clean and offer a decorative look, as you can choose between different colours.

Before anodising your aluminium parts, they have to be pre-treated in order to achieve an even surface. This pre-treatment includes the degreasing and pickling of the aluminium parts.

Individual anodising of small parts according to your requirements

We will carry out the bonding according to your requirements, also with welded bolts. The parts will be mounted on titanium plates or aluminium rods. For small parts, we use titanium racks.

During the anodising process, we are able to dye your parts in order to obtain a decorative look.


Available dyes

We are able to dye anodised aluminium in the following colours:

Nickel silver
Light bronze
Dark bronze

Note on ordering

For economical reasons, we are not able accept orders below a minimum value of € 100 (+VAT).

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