Aluminium plates with stainless steel look

Aluminium plates with stainless steel look

With our aluminium plates in stainless steel design, you are able to give your products a classy look. The plates are specially rolled and anodised using the butler finish, which makes the surface of the plate look like a polished stainless steel surface (grain 180). We will deliver the plates with a protective foil on the treated side.

Stainless steel look with the unique properties of aluminium

The advantages of aluminium plates with stainless steel look are versatile in comparison with actual stainless steel. For a start, aluminium is a lot lighter than stainless steel and it is easy to process. Moreover, our aluminium plates can be engraved using a laser in order to add logos, letters or symbols. Thanks to the anodised aluminium surface, the plates also offer a high corrosion resistance. When working, no fingerprints will be visible on the surface, and it can be cleaned using conventional cleaning agents. In addition, aluminium can be recycled.

Many application possibilities of aluminium with stainless steel look

Aluminium plates with stainless steel look can be used in many application fields. It is particularly suitable for interior fittings, for example in kitchens or laboratories. But the plates are also used as cladding of ceilings and walls in shop and exhibition stand construction, as well as in lifts and escalators. Aluminium plates with stainless steel look are also frequently used in the construction of cash machines, counters and billboards.

Aluminium with stainless steel look is a universal material which offers metalworkers, designers and architects many possibilities to design products.

Chemical composition

Elements: Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti
Min.         0,70        
Max. 0,30 0,45 0,05 0,15 1,10 0,10 0,05 0,20 0,05

Physical properties

Property Value
Density 2,69 g/cm³
Modulus of elasticity 69 Gpa
Thermal expansion coefficient 23,8x10 K
Melting range 630-650 °C
Heat conductance 185-200 W/m. K
Electric conductivity * 29-31 M/Ohm mm
Electric resistance * 34-32 M/Ohm mm
* Only in non-anodised condition  

Mechanical properties

Property Value
Yield point Pr02 min. 35 MPa
Tensile strength RM min. 145 Mpa, max. 180 Mpa
Elongation at break A50/5 0,5-1,5 mm -> 4/8 %
Elongation at break A50/5 1,5-3,0 mm -> 5/8 %

pursuant to EN 485-4 and 573-3

Stock articles

We stock aluminium plates with a protective foil on one side. The following dimensions are available:

2500 1250 0,5 4,3 kg
2500 1250 0,8 6,8 kg
2500 1250 1,0 8,5 kg
2500 1250 1,5 12,8 kg
2500 1250 2,0 17,0 kg
1250 1250 0,5  
1250 1250 0,8  
1250 1250 1,0  
1250 1250 1,5  
1250 1250 2,0  
1250 500 0,5  
1250 500 0,8  
1250 500 1,0  
1250 500 1,5  
1250 500 2,0  

Note on ordering

For economical reasons, we are not able accept orders below a minimum value of € 100 (+VAT).

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